Garden nest boxes

I have a variety of nest boxes ready for this breeding season, including those for tits, robins and sparrows. They are not always used as intended though.

The nest boxes in the garden went through their maintenance checks (some had to have a new roof), and they were all cleaned out during the winter months.

IMG_0324House sparrows colonised the garden a few years ago so I went out specifically to purchase a sparrow nesting box last year. I figured out a good position for the box and put it up. A blue tit immediately took interest in the box last spring and started to build a nest but it didn’t complete it and no chicks were hatched. Since then however a blue tit has been roosting in the sparrow boxes. So instead of the sparrow terrace accommodation I had planned it has turned into a blue tit roosting hut/toilet. Despite cleaning out the boxes they immediately became filled with presence of blue tit again. I’m just glad they are being used – even if not by the intended species or for the original purpose.


Blue tit roosting in the corner of the sparrow box

I am also hoping to get some nesting blue or great tits on the nest box cameras this year. One was installed on a box which had a successful blue tit nest last year and another in the sparrow terrace box. Hopefully this year will be the year, as previously there have been a whole number of issues – the general problem of birds choosing a different nest box and my favourite, when my dog ran off with the plastic battery pack shell and made a hole in it, so there was nothing to fit the battery into. Fingers crossed for this year!


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