A lawn of bees

I knelt carefully on the green oasis that was the unmown garden lawn, feeling the memories of a childhood spent adding grass stains to clothes while adventuring outside. The small circular leaves of clover covered by hands as I leant on the cushioned foliage, feeling the cool damp earth beneath my fingers. Yet it wasn’t reminiscence that brought me here, but the desire to listen to the humming and buzzing of the orchestra of bees.

IMG_7556The grass hadn’t seen the cutting blades of the mower in several weeks, and the lawn not being a blanket of grass was in fact covered with the three leaved delight of clover – the delicate white flowers with rosy cheeks appeared as white horses across the ocean of green foliage. The violet purple of self-heal broke the clover dominance with is tower shaped fir cone like flowerheads. It was these two species that were of most interest to the insect chorus I was listening to.

They buzzed so unassumingly in the sunshine, from flower to flower they went extracting what they desired before moving onto the next. You could get so close to them without disturbing their hard work by just sitting on a green patch amongst the flowers on the lawn – a wilderness in a suburban world. It was a chance to forget the confines of a garden and marvel in insects which transcend boundaries for the flowers they desire – if only we provided more for their needs.

I leant closer to where the delicate hums of insect life were coming from, among the array of white clover flowers, careful not to cast my shadow over the sound-filled insects and interfere with their enjoyment of a fine day. Their bodies seemed dark from a distance, but taking notice you could see they were touched delicately with the warmth of sunlight in the form of ginger colouring, and their wings were thin, appearing somewhat like the shape of an isosceles triangle. The honey bees floated across the sky kissing the clover flowers as they went – a perfect relationship to behold.

Bumblebees too visited the flowers, although they seemed to prefer the purple hue of self-heal – their buzzing added a deep bass to the orchestral proceedings.

I looked up from the creatures which had captivated my attention and peered across the scene of an unkempt garden lawn. To say I was astonished by the flowers present would be an understatement, there must have been hundreds in this small space although it really was the bees that were incredible. Confusing to my vision when I looked upon them from a distance, black shapes darting about my eye’s picture, everywhere I looked there were these fascinating insects – vital beings whose existence we take for granted. If the humble clover and self-heal had not been present there would not be the bonanza available for the bees to take advantage of and in such a small space it is clear to see how rewilding just a tiny portion of your garden can make a huge difference. Sometimes there need be no effort involved, just the simple task of removing the lawn mowing from your list of things to do and letting your hope for a nature filled garden increase and your anxieties from modern day life be mellowed by an orchestra of bees.


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