Species focus: Cormorant

DSC03310A group of dark figures perch unassumingly in the trees around estuaries and lakes. They may be dismissed by passing onlookers as ‘crows’, but these living dinosaurs are never ones to be taken for granted.

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A wader ballet

img_8645The silence was unexpected. There was no distraction from a distant road, the chatter of people, or strangely any sounds from the estuary nearby. It seemed empty, this place where the tide rose and fell, perhaps the bank I stood by had sheltered the passing of the birds’ calls, or had the noises of the natural world drifted away with the wind? It was a strange moment, but it made me stop, and contemplate the place where I stood. The grassy verge, the track muddied with footprints before mine, the scrub, the reeds, the knowing that the path led to the estuary and yet the silence went on. No gulls heralded their freedom overhead, no wigeon whistled, or redshank called. Then the moment finished with the ‘tic tic’ from a robin in the scrub, foot in the mud I walked on. Continue reading

Concerns for the Environment Post Brexit

As soon as it was realised that Brexit was a reality, everyone started blaming everyone else. Politicians criticised each other, voters uttered pure disbelief and judgement on others and the well-known blond figurehead of the leave campaign Boris Johnson changed from being the leader of the revolution to the man who did this ‘terrible’ thing to our country. The reality became clear, no one really knew what they were voting for, lots of people had never even heard of the single market and just assumed that there were only two ‘simple’ options, to stay or to leave. Furthermore in the debates beforehand the environment was hardly mentioned, so a main question for conservationists now is ‘what will happen to our environment?’ In the uncertain future that is Brexit, key areas and conservation problems need to be addressed, as the goal of achieving healthy ecosystems where both business and wildlife can prosper is surely something everyone can agree on. Continue reading