A Society of Educated Ignorance?

As a country the UK is an island of educated people, with copious qualifications, including thousands of degrees in varying subjects. However when it comes to setting policies involving the environment, they are not always effective and can end up causing more problems than they solve, while costing large amounts of money. Not only this but as a society now saturated in technology, people’s connection with nature seems to have largely disappeared, making people ignorant of their surroundings. Both of these effects cause problems for the long-term survival of our planet, and us, with decisions often going against sense and science. Continue reading

Short-eared owl encounter

IMG_4604The warmth of the sun had faded as the evening was well underway. Putting my thick coat on, tucking my trousers into my socks and throwing my bag on my back I was ready for an evening trek along one of my favourite paths in Norfolk. It runs along the edge of the reeds and grassland and is always great for sightings of marsh harrier, reed bunting, bearded tit and ticks (hence the socks tucked into the trousers)! Continue reading